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Why Choose us?

If you want to build a company that stood out in the contracting industry, we founded our company on principles surrounding honesty, integrity and caring.

There are several companies, that do what we do, but no one does it with the quality, service, and professionalism associated with every job we do.

We helped several numbers of our neighbors fix out their pool wiring, indoor electrical fault, and foundations with other electrical services.

No matter what your concern, you can be confident that Tampa Electricians has the expertise to solve any basement or foundation problem you're having.

Our Approach

We're unique american electrical services not only because of the foundation on which our company is built, but because we are the one of the best electric company to install electrical systems patented service providers.

The products we use are the latest in modern design and are superior in workmanship and effectiveness because they're designed specifically for basements, crawl spaces and foundations.

We pride ourselves on well-trained and certified employees who are supported by a knowledgeable & friendly office staff ready to answer all your questions, even the technical ones.

Our system design specialist will perform an interior and exterior inspection of your home then customize a plan that's right for you.

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