Everything you need to know about building a pool.

In preparation for wiring up a new swimming pool heater, our electric electricians checked it's placement to ensure all connections could be made safely and the base was positioned correctly.

Whether you are an new pool owner or require maintenance on your older pool, you can trust our experienced electricians with your family's safety.

The combination of water and electricity can be dangerous if it is not properly managed.

Nothing beats a soothing swim or hot tub soak after a long day. Tampa Pool wiring team can make this dream a reality.

When looking for a pool builder to build your home, please make sure that the electricians are licensed and are well versed in hot tub wiring code.

  • New Pool Electrical Service Installation
  • Swimming Pool Heater Installation
  • Swimming Pool Pump Wiring and Installation
  • Pool Lighting Installation and Wiring Repair

Our Professionals can set everything up so all you have to do is set back and relax. You could come home to a brand new hot tub in a matter of days.

Customers appreciate our knowledge of all elements of pool electricity, including:

  • Replacement of circuit breakers
  • New lighting installations
  • Changing of wet niche to LED
  • Pool motors repairs
  • Updating switches and entire pool electrical panels

Expect up- front pricing with our Tampa expert electricians. When you call our office, we provide you with the average price range for the particular repair you require.

Then, When our electrician officially inspects your pool or spa, we give you an official quote so that there are never any surprises.

Safety Inspections

With all of the electrical equipment that is installed in a typical swimming pool, it's important to make sure that your pool is safe and free from defects that could cause a serious injury.

With so much water being used so close to electricity, It's important to make sure your pool is secure and that all safety measures are in place and working properly.

Our electricians can conduct a full, rigorous safety inspection of your pool to ensure that all equipments is up to code and that there is no danger of an accidental leak leading to a potential catastrophe.


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